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Information on shipping costs / delivery time

The shipping costs are calculated according to weight of the total shipment and of course the destination country. Pure virtual Download-Products have no shipping costs.
You will see the correct calculated shipping costs for "real" products displayed in the shopping cart and the final order overview.

I ship usually 1x per week, since I'm primarily a working professional magician and not a magic dealer. So in the worst case I need 7 days before I can ship your order.  I hope you understand that.

The shipments within Germany I send by registered mail (up to 2 kg) or DHL (2 kg)

I ship internationally as an enrollment letter (up to 2x2 kg - which is the fastest). If the total weight of your shipment is between 2kg and 4kg I split the order in two parts. From 4kg this no longer makes sense and I send it as a DHL package.
Unfortunately, the running times of international packages (more than 4kg) are about 14 days.

Once your shipment is in the mail, you will receive a tracking No. and a link where you can "approximately" track your shipment. Unfortunately, the German Post is not that exact and up to date as UPS.

Weight/ Destination Germany European Union World € World $
up to 500 g    5,95 €  9,91 €  8,33 €

 $ 10,-

up to 1000 g    9,50 €  14,99 €  10,- €  $ 15,-
up to 2000 g    9,50  24,99 €  20,- €  $ 30,-
up to 2500 g    9,50  33,32 €*  28,- €*  $ 33,60*
up to 3000 g    9,50 €  39,27 €*  33,- €*  $ 39,60*
up to 4000 g    9,50 €  49,98 €*  42,- €*  $ 50,40*
up to 10 kg    9,50 €  request request request
up to 20 kg 15,- €  request request request
up to 31 kg  20,00 €  request request request
Duration of the shipment 10 days 14 days
20 days** 20 days


* The order will be split into two packages.
** as DHL package delivery > 14 days

Your shipment contains of course a proper invoice and (if necessary) the correct customs declaration.

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