Just a cup - (Performance rights, script, DVD, tools)Just a cup - (Performance rights, script, DVD, tools)

Just a cup - (Performance rights, script, DVD, tools)

Item number: K004

Just a cup is a real worker for walk around magic and parlour situations. The different technique (its not a chop cup) gives you more flexebility and possibilities to do new effects. Instand reset.

Please read more in the product specifications below, watch my videos and read other people oppinions.

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From: Christopher K.
Date: Friday 17 June, 2016


Just wanted to throw in my two cents again, I just wanted to say that any magician that isn't using Just a Cup in their shows... GET IT! I showed it to a store owner at Scarborough Faire here in NC and it got me a summer long gig performing for Festival days! It gets super reactions and has helped me get hired to do parties for those that watch my shows as well. I have heard comments about cost.. its worth a lot more than priced! this is a gold mine! Awesome job Mr. Hecklau!!

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Just a cup - (Performance rights, script, DVD, tools) 5 of 5 Stars!

Met Axel at the Magic Apple in Los Angeles CA... What a great lecture. I have personally purchased,...

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