Newsflash 2.0 - Universal (Performance rights, explanation, tools, etc.)Newsflash 2.0 - Universal (Performance rights, explanation, tools, etc.)

Newsflash 2.0 - Universal (Performance rights, explanation, tools, etc.)

Item number: K006

Tear up a newspaper and restore it lightning fast and extremely visually, at chest high, fullsized and whit totally natural movement. Learn the 2.0 version from Axel Hecklau. 

- present with confidence and ease
- totally natural movement
- extremly visual quick restauration
- presentable even when surrounded by a crowd
- many possible variations

Get all valuable experience and benefit from eight year long research and developement.
Easy overview with the quick tour.
See the preparation an presentation phases in full length step by step from magicians p.o.v
Watch the demo video - you will be amazed.

From: romany r.
Date: Monday 23 June, 2014


i just had to write (even from the middle of the dvd... i'm on the marking the newspaper bit) that i'm SOOOO EXCITED about this dvd and SOOOOO impressed by how much detail and work you've put in, it's such a pleasure to watch and i've only done 15 mins! (this is the opposite of a dvd on a card spinning thing i stupidly bought last week in which an admittedly good looking -but super boring- frenchman, told me about this technique for spinning a card which involves some invisible thread spread from wall to wall (totally impossible to set up!) and i didn't even finish watching! so a big HURRAH to you, and if you excuse me, i'm very busy watching an EXCELLENT newsflash dvd so please don't disturb me again!
thank you!
x romany

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Newsflash 2.0 - Universal (Performance rights, explanation, tools, etc.) 5 of 5 Stars!

I just received and watched Newsflash 2.0 First comments: Packaging and presentation is first clas...

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