MindVisit - The advanced Tossed Out DeckMindVisit - The advanced Tossed Out Deck

MindVisit - The advanced Tossed Out Deck

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The advanced Tossed Out Deck by Axel Hecklau

Tell every spectator individually the card he thought of.

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Date: Friday 10 February, 2017


Harri Who


REVIEW: Mind Visit by Axel Hecklau
RATING: 9 out of 10!

FULL REVIEW: Mind Visit is Axel Hecklauís excellent version of the Tossed Out Deck with his custom designed deck and detailed method which has been revised and refined with years of attention to detail. With this version of the tossed out deck, you call out each individual cards one at a time and ask that each spectator sit as their card is revealed, again, one at a time.

With your purchase you get a red-backed deck of cards with the Phoenix design that is special in many ways. First, the cards are plastic so your deck will last forever unless you throw them in the broiler. Because the cards are plastic, they donít fatigue in the same place like papers cards do after much usage. This is key to reducing the likelihood of your spectators selecting the same card. Second, the cards are gaffed on the front and also on the backs in a way that lets you perform a real miracle. Quite honestly, when I first saw Hecklauís live video demonstration of the trick, I pondered whether or not there is some technology assistance in divining the cards. There is not. You also get a quality 31 page instructional booklet that is approximately 5 inches by 7 inches. The booklet comes in several different languages. The English one has some typos in it, but it is minor. The quality of the written instruction is excellent. I was impressed with the quality and clarity of the instructions. It is clear that a great amount of work and thought was put into the presentation and explanation. There are several excellent hand drawings and the chapters are broken down into logical segments. There is a long listing of predecessor tossed out deck effects and one in particular that I thought Hecklau was heavily influenced byÖ John Kennedyís Mind Power Deck. Because of this method, you will always be able to nail at least one spectatorís card right off the bat. In the event that the spectators pick the same card, Hecklau explains how to deal with that situation and it is very clever.

Although there is some required sailor methodology required, because of the very well thought out script and routine, in 99% of the presentations, it will not seem like you are doing what you are doing.

Because the performer shows that each and every card is different at the beginning of the routine, by fanning the cards, it makes the trick even more impossible to back track. The deck is then completely shuffled and shown to be completely mixed up. With that being said, you cannot hand out the cards for inspection at any time.

With the purchase you also get access to a password protected link that allows you to practice the routine without any spectators by using a computer. As of the writing of this review, I was unable to access the link and will revise this review when I have access to it. This routine will take some practice to get the routine down and fluid, but it is worth the work.

The reset is almost instantaneous, but you would not want to perform this in front of the same group more than once.
This product is only sold on Hecklauís website and the ad copy and performance video are accurate and I spot no issues.

If you want to take the tossed out deck routine to the next level, visit www.axelhecklau.com.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars 5 of 5 Stars

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MindVisit - The advanced Tossed Out Deck 5 of 5 Stars!

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