Just a cup - (Performance rights, script, DVD, tools)

Just a cup - (Performance rights, script, DVD, tools)

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Just a cup is a real worker for walk around magic and parlour situations. The different technique (its not a chop cup) gives you more flexebility and possibilities to do new effects. Instand reset.

Please read more in the product specifications below, watch my videos and read other people oppinions.

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Just a cup - (Performance rights, script, DVD, tools)

Just a cup
this is not a Chop Cup.

This is a different method with much more flexibility.

No hitting the table necessary

Everything can be examined without switches
more flexibility and safe feeling for the performer
The routine has a instant reset - perfect for walk around magic
360° full angle proof
New and differen effects possible (that doesn´t work with a classic chop cup)
magic in the hand of the spectator

This is a piece for the working performer.


The set contains:

- a genuine leather cup
- a very special die
- a normal die
- a normal red die
- a bag
- the Axel Hecklau "clip-gimmick"
- a Alan Wong Neck Cracker
- a well illustrated booklet (english) with the full routine
- a DVD with all the moves and two live performances.

On the DVD you will find the booklet as a PDF fil also in
german, french and spanish language.

"A fine version of a commercial classic with a clever method and some stunning moments."
R. Paul Wilson

"I saw Axel at the Orange County Magic Club doing his lecture and showing this cup and I just loved it it is so different and there are so maney ways to use it because of how it works it really messes with peoples thoughts its there its not there the dice comes and goes its just great a little costly BUT WORTH EVERY BIT OF IT WHEN YOU HAVE THIS YOU WILL WONDER WHAT DID I DO BEFORE I GOT THIS! Thank you Axel this is great."
James Greene

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loading... Just a cup - (Performance rights, script, DVD, tools) Just a cup - (Performance rights, script, DVD, tools) Just a cup - (Performance rights, script, DVD, tools) Just a cup - (Performance rights, script, DVD, tools) Just a cup - (Performance rights, script, DVD, tools) Just a cup - (Performance rights, script, DVD, tools)