TWO:Fusion (Performance rights, DVD, Explanation, Tools)

TWO:Fusion (Performance rights, DVD, Explanation, Tools)

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Tear two cards and fuse them together in a surprising manner.

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TWO:Fusion (Performance rights, DVD, Explanation, Tools)


Tear a King and a Queen in two and fuse half King, half Queen together.

Create an impossible everlasting memory for a happy couple.

Maybe this is the perfect version of the Doc Eason Anniversary Walz plot.



You get a detailed discription in a booklet (printed in English / German and as a PDF file in French and Spanish)  and on DVD (English / German)

The required playing cards for 18 TWO:Fusion performances

A card stands

A plastic card wallet

A special gimmick for the preparation process

A certificate with the performance rights for live- and online-performances (TV rights on request)


Refills are available exclusive here in my shop.


... it’s without any question, the world’s most romantic card trick.

Richard Hatch

Beautiful TWO:Fusion video of Daniel Collado


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Refill TWO:FusionRefill TWO:Fusion
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Refill TWO:Fusion

Item number: Z 320
Weight: 0,12kg

You get material for 18 performances

Type: Queen of Hearts / King of Spades

loading... TWO:Fusion (Performance rights, DVD, Explanation, Tools) TWO:Fusion (Performance rights, DVD, Explanation, Tools) TWO:Fusion (Performance rights, DVD, Explanation, Tools) TWO:Fusion (Performance rights, DVD, Explanation, Tools)