Easy Cube by Axel Hecklau, 2 cubes, gimmick, instructions and performance rights

Easy Cube by Axel Hecklau, 2 cubes, gimmick, instructions and performance rightsEasy Cube by Axel Hecklau, 2 cubes, gimmick, instructions and performance rights

Easy Cube by Axel Hecklau, 2 cubes, gimmick, instructions and performance rights

Solve the Rubiks Cube faster than the world record. 

With NO brain work!!!

Axel Hecklau won FISM Europe 2017 and got 2nd prize at FISM Busan 2018 in Parlour Magic with Easy Cube!

Date: Sunday 07 January, 2018


Product description : Axel Hecklau is one of my favorite magician, he is a FISM winner and produces only workable and professional routines. I’ve been using his “Just a Cup” for more than 3 years now ! Here is his latest release which is a Rubik’s Cube gimmick which will allow to let people shuffle the cube, put it in a paper bag and solve it instantly, showing all 6 sides and being able to twist the first layer, which adds realism to the whole routine. As usual with Axel, the routines are worked, and meant to be used, but is it worth the price ? Let’s find out !

Price and where to buy it : This is sold at $222 and you can find it in on Axel’s website : http://www.axelhecklau-shop.com/lng/en/m......ency=USD

What you get : You get a clear plastic box, with a cardboard on which is printed the artwork of the trick. You get another cardboard with the performance rights so you can perform this trick, it may not looks like much but I find this to be a very nice addition, it feels that you have a unique piece of magic in your hands ! You also get a link to watch the explanation video and I just loved it ! The routines provided are very good, you can feel Axel have worked them, he even include pdf template for a booklet you may print for one of the routine, everything is well thought ! You get a professional teaching of professional routines. You also get 2 sets of 3 bags : 3 small ones (only one cube will fit inside) and 3 big ones (for 2 cubes routine, such as a matching one). You get 2 57 mm speedcubes Aurora (the same as the one provided in Cube 3). You also get 3 sets of stickers for the cube and 3 sets for the gimmick, so you can place stickers on other cubes you already have if you want to use them for the Easy Cube gimmick so they will match. And of course, you get the gimmick which is amazing, very thin, very light and amazingly well made ! There is no locking mechanism already built-in it but there is no need if you don’t want the spectator to remove the cube from the bag. You also get some additional stuff so you can have a locking mechanism, to lock the cube into the gimmick, so you can freely show it and toss it into the air. Overall, the price may seem a step but you don’t only get a gimmick but a professional routine, a package with everything for you to start right out of the box.

Teaser : https://vimeo.com/245332689

• As I said, there is no locking mechanism already built-in it. But you get some additional stuff so you can lock the cube inside the gimmick so that your spectator can remove the cube from the bag itself.
• The colour of the cubes (and stickers) are not like the usual colours of a Rubik’s Cube. This is not Axel’s fault but the manufacturer Aurora, they changed it. They have a slightly more fluorescent tone to it, which is not that bad because on stage or in parlour, people can see them better. So it’s up to you, colours are a matter of personal taste.

• The video, as I said, is very good, the routines provided are worked and workable right away, as with all Axel products, you get a professional package so you don’t have to worry about anything else.
• The gimmick is very thin, very light and so realistic ! The fact it’s thin means you have a lower difference between the size of the cube which is shuffled and the gimmick which you remove from the bag.
• I like that everything is included, even a second speedcube in case you want to do a matching routine, so Axel thought about everything ! The bags are perfect, so you don’t have to struggle online to find paper bags.
• The stickers are custom made by Axel, they have a very ingenious transfer system which means you can apply 9 stickers at once, so you don’t have to put all 54 stickers one per one. Again, clever thinking from Axel.
• You can show all 6 sides of the gimmick when you remove it from the bag and you can even twist the first layer ! It adds realism to your routine and you’re cleaner then ever !
• Axel even teach in the video how to rip off the bag in half, and provide several methods so that you have a clear and smooth tear so that the effect is strong. Who does that and goes into the extent of teaching a way of preparing the bags so that they rip off nicely ? Another proof of the professional part of Axel’s stuff.
• You also get the FISM winning routine from Axel, where a spectator can turn the cube himself in the bag so he will solve it with no prior knowledge of Rubik’s Cube. It’s a very baffling routine which will play big !
• Axel is keeping you updated via mail with new routines, such as a matching one you can do close up, which is a very nice attention, it means that this product is living, with new additions being added by Axel.

Overall rating : I love the routines, I love the gimmick, I love the cubes, I love everything Axel puts out and this is no exception, 4/4 hearts.

As for the difficulty level, there is nothing hard about it, just make sure to get used to the gimmick and learn the routines but nothing complicated, I would say 2/5 stars.

Similar products : Rubik’s Dream 360 is another release, which is similar but also different.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

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