Exclusive magic routines directly from the creator 

Welcome !

You will find here my own creations only - EXCLUSIVELY (so there is no other legal place where you can buy it), because I decided to keep my ideas out of the SALES-competition. I think my ideas are worth the (high) price I ask for and I believe they are worth the same price in two, five or ten years too.

 I am primarily magician on the stage. Please therefore understand that I cannot immediately answer every question. Usually I always send orders out once a week so that I have plenty of time to develop new tricks and entertain my audiences.

Your advantage is the direct contact to the creator, to be sure not to get an illegal copy and that there is no other place where you can get it cheaper.
You cannot find many products in my shop. But everything comes from my work as an active professional and has brought fun and success to me at many shows.

I decided to share some (not every - because secrets in magic are still important) ideas and routines with my magic colleagues and I deliver them including the performance rights.

I deliver nothing "complete with presentation", but thought out tricks which need only your personal customization and presentation form.

Our art should develop further and I would be pleased to learn of your experiences once you have converted one of my tricks to "your" trick with your own ideas, your humor and your presentation.
This is the true magic ;-)

If you have any questions on my products, my lectures or shows I can easily be contacted by e-mail.  
 Sincerely yours

Axel Hecklau