Just a cup - (Performance rights, script, DVD, tools)


Just a cup is a real worker for walk around magic and parlour situations. The different technique (its not a chop cup) gives you more flexebility and possibilities to do new effects. Instand reset.

Please read more in the product specifications below, watch my videos and read other people oppinions.

Available EXCLUSIVE at axelhecklau.com

Delivery within 10 daysDelivery within 10 days **

Just a cup - (Performance rights, script, DVD, tools)

Just a cup
this is not a Chop Cup.

This is a different method with much more flexibility.

No hitting the table necessary

Everything can be examined without switches
more flexibility and safe feeling for the performer
The routine has a instant reset - perfect for walk around magic
360° full angle proof
New and differen effects possible (that doesn´t work with a classic chop cup)
magic in the hand of the spectator

This is a piece for the working performer.


The set contains:

- a genuine leather cup
- a very special die
- a normal die
- a normal red die
- a bag
- the Axel Hecklau "clip-gimmick"
- a Alan Wong Neck Cracker
- a well illustrated booklet (english) with the full routine
- a DVD with all the moves and two live performances.

On the DVD you will find the booklet as a PDF fil also in
german, french and spanish language.

"A fine version of a commercial classic with a clever method and some stunning moments."
R. Paul Wilson

"I saw Axel at the Orange County Magic Club doing his lecture and showing this cup and I just loved it it is so different and there are so maney ways to use it because of how it works it really messes with peoples thoughts its there its not there the dice comes and goes its just great a little costly BUT WORTH EVERY BIT OF IT WHEN YOU HAVE THIS YOU WILL WONDER WHAT DID I DO BEFORE I GOT THIS! Thank you Axel this is great."
James Greene

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Thomas S. commented 05/18/2018

Wieder einmal nur zauberhaft!

Auch "Just a Cup" ist eines meiner absoluten Lieblings-Routinen geworden. Die Verarbeitung ist fantastisch, die Erklärungen - sei es auf DVD oder in Papierform auf einem sehr hohen und professionellen Niveau. Es bedarf etwas an Übung, sollte aber für den routinierten Künstler keine Schwieriggkeit darstellen.

Herr Hecklau hat weder Kosten noch Mühen gescheut um uns ein sensationelles Stück Magie zu ermöglichen! Vielen lieben Dank - auch für die schnelle Lieferung!

Jean-Marc S. commented 11/03/2017

Bravo Axel, car c'est magnifique c'est du grand art de la pur et la grande magie.

Christopher K. commented 06/17/2016

Just wanted to throw in my two cents again, I just wanted to say that any magician that isn't using Just a Cup in their shows... GET IT! I showed it to a store owner at Scarborough Faire here in NC and it got me a summer long gig performing for Festival days! It gets super reactions and has helped me get hired to do parties for those that watch my shows as well. I have heard comments about cost.. its worth a lot more than priced! this is a gold mine! Awesome job Mr. Hecklau!!

Christopher K. commented 02/25/2016

I have had Just A Cup now for a week or two, I have been working with the routine and have to say that the quality is excellent the performance is super with the ability to expand with a magicians own creativity. When I saw this on Penguin live I considered that this might be the only chop cup style tool that I would ever use, now that I have it and have been working with it I KNOW that this is the only chop cup styled tool that I will ever use! I highly recommend not only Just A Cup, but I congratulate Mr. Hecklau for his creative genius. Also I want to say that while there is a DVD, I like the idea that there is a book for teaching this as some things just aren't on a DVD and it forces you to use your imagination as stated by Nathan Kranzo. Thank you again Mr. Hecklau!

Jean B. commented 08/09/2014

I just received this product, and i have to say it's the coolest trick i own. i'm even amazed to lift the cup and have the die there or not at will. I sure hope i'm the only magician in the province of Quebec to have this, if so i can see myself make a living with this one :)

Mike K. commented 03/06/2014

Hi Axel,

I've recently finished a season of a show called A Field Guide to Charlatans, as part of the New Zealand Fringe Festival (http://mountebank.co.nz/projects/field-guide-charlatans/). The show explored all types of deceivers, as well as the notion that we're sometimes complicit in our deception. I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your contribution to the show.

In a section of the show dealing with gambling cheats, Just a Cup was a featured routine. It fit the context of the story very well, and was entertaining for the audience. The two-phase ending (first bag, then - in my case - lime) never failed to get a great reaction. It's a great routine, and I look forward to performing it more, and further refining my handling.

Overall, the show was great fun to craft and perform, and the audiences enjoyed it. I know it wouldn't have been as good had it not been for your creativity and innovation, so thank you.

If you have any questions, or want to find out more detail, please do get in contact. I'd love to hear from you.

Mike Kmiec

Kai H. commented 12/14/2013

Hi Axel, hab gestern Just a cup beim close up vorgeführt. Um ehrlich zu sei, dachte ich die Reaktion von Nusret auf Deiner DVD wäre gestellt gewesen.
Gestern hatte ich diese Reaktionen mehrmals.
Ich musste so heftig grinsen. Selbst Männer kamen zu mir und streckten mir die ausgestreckte Hand hin.
Es war richtig.....geil! Just a cup by Axel Hecklau. A real, real worker!

Franz S. commented 10/27/2012

Lieber Herr Hecklau!

Heute habe ich "Just a Cup" ausgepackt und bin begeistert! Sehr rasante Versandzeit und ein wirklich raffiniertes Gimmick, super Routine und hervorragende Requisiten/ DVD. Das Set ist jeden Cent wert und ich freue mich schon jetzt, eine Routine zu entwickeln und diese dann seeeeeeehr oft vorzuführen.

Graham L. commented 10/21/2012

Received this 2 days ago.

What can I say.....THIS IS BRILLIANT!!!.
I haven't put the cup down since it arrived...all my various chop cups have just found their way into my bottom draw never to see the light of day again.


Tim D. commented 09/25/2012

Finally bought this and it arrived today... I must say, to develop and make this yourself in this quality would cost about €5000 and months of trial and error... getting this "ready to go" - "out of the box" and the performance rights to boot, and the booklet, and the DVD... and guess what? Living in Germany the cup and die are everyday items found in most bars. Talk about impromptu... well worth the money...

Martin K. commented 08/16/2012

Weil ich so begeistert bin von den Kunststücken von Herrn Hecklau, habe ich mir jetzt auch das auf den ersten Blick sehr teure Kunststück "Just a cup" angeschafft! Ich sage extra "Auf den ersten Blick teuer", denn wenn man es erst mal vorgeführt hat merkt man schnell, dass sich diese Investition sehr wohl gelohnt hat! Sensationel einfach und durchdacht! So liebe ich das! Auch die DVD ist wieder toll produziert (in englisch) but, aber alle wichtigen Informationen gibt s auch als PDF in deutscher Sprache. Obwohl man das gar nicht braucht! Ist alles auch in Englisch sehr einfach und verständlich!
Besonders schön ist die Trailer mit der jungen Dame auf der DVD! Das müsst Ihr gesehen haben ...!
Ich hoffe Herr Hecklau rückt vielleicht noch weitere Tricks raus ..:! Ich bin dabei!

Horst G. commented 08/05/2012

Hallo Axel, obwohl der Preis für die Requisiten zunächst sehr hoch erscheint, bin ich total begeistert! Meines Erachtens müsste er noch höher sein, damit nicht jeder diese tollen Effekte zeigen wird! Es ist eine Wonne damit rumzuspielen und ich weiß schon jetzt: Just a Cup wird - wie deine Phrasendreschmaschine - in mein festes Stand-up Programm einziehen!
Ganz liebe Grüße - auch an deine Frau!

Voice of a C. commented 04/06/2012

Axel hi,

I purchased Just a Cup from you at the Blackpool Convention.
I have only performed the basic routine.
Every time I have performed it. The audience have been left speechless!!
When the die arrives in their hand - Wow!
Such a beautiful trick - real magic!


Robert B. commented 11/01/2011

Met Axel at the Magic Apple in Los Angeles CA...
What a great lecture. I have personally purchased, Cola Cap, Cue Control, News Flash, and now "Just a Cup... Axel is truly a unique magician with new and inventive ideas...
Great job Axel...
Bobby Drake
Long Beach Mystics Rule!

Bernhard K. commented 06/27/2011

Sehr geehrter Herr Hecklau! Ich hab mir in Leverkusen den "Just a cup" bei Ihnen persönlich am Stand gekauft! Einfach genial, deshalb bestellte ich einen zweiten "Just a cup" als Reserve, da ich das Kunstück fix in mein Programm aufnehmen möchte!

Voice of a C. commented 10/05/2010

It was nice to finally meet you at the LADs Convention in Birmingham, last Sunday. I really enjoyed seeing your lecture, it was the highlight of an excellent day! I hope you enjoyed your time in the UK and had a safe journey home.

I bought Just a Cup from you and am absolutely delighted with it. It’s probably one of the best purchases I’ve ever made in magic! Please let me know when your Chop Cup DVD becomes available, so I can purchase that to.

I already own your NewsFlash, Cola Cap, Details Lecture Notes, Effectiv Lecture Notes and now Just a Cup! I really admire the way you construct your routines, you really think about every little detail!

Thank you again,

Iain Moran

James G. commented 08/18/2010

I saw Axel at the Orange County Magic Club doing his lecture and showing this cup and I just loved it it is so different and there are so maney ways to use it because of how it works it really messes with peoples thoughts its there its not there the dice comes and goes its just great a little costly BUT WORTH EVERY BIT OF IT WHEN YOU HAVE THIS YOU WILL WONDER WHAT DID I DO BEFORE I GOT THIS! Thank you Axel this is great

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