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ONE:Twist / TWO:Fusion Set (Performance rights, DVD, Explanation, Tools)


Tear a single card in two. Twist one half and restore it.

This is a great way to freeze a restoration effect in time.

Of course the card is signed and examinable.



Tear a King and a Queen in two and fuse half King, half Queen together.

Create an impossible everlasting memory for a happy couple.

Maybe this is the perfect version of the Doc Eason Anniversary Walz plot.


General ONE:Twist / TWO:Fusion Trailer:



 Here an uncut, close-up, slow performance of ONE:Twist:


 Here an uncut, close-up, slow performance of TWO:Fusion





create an impossible Object just by folding and tearing a card - A Hypercard.

In this version the Hypercard still stays impossible even if the spectator already knows a Hypercard ;-)



You get a detailed discription in a booklet (printed in English / German and as a PDF file in French and Spanish) 

and on DVD (English / German)


The required playing cards for:

23x ONE:Twist performances
   (9x Queen of Hearts,
   8x Joker,
   2x Queen of Spades,
   2x Queen of Clubs,
   2x Queen of Diamonds),

4x HYPER:Twist performances (Joker)

18x TWO:Fusion performances

Two card stands

A plastic card wallet

A special gimmick for the preparation process

A certificate with the performance rights for live- and online-performances (TV rights on request)


Geaton Bloom:

I am playing now with your babies, One Twist and Two fusion, and I am happy as an old baby!!!
My only problem is to choose witch one I like best!!! and the task is not easy...
In fact, definitely, if you work for a «loving couple», Two fusion is the more appropriate, but One twist is so definitely elegant, ....

Anyway, You have created two wonderful miracles, not only with the effects, but even more with the unique impossible objects created at the end...!!!
Really memorable impossible objects that they will keep forever...!!!
Great, So Great...
One of my greatest hero is Winston Freer, a complete genius...I am sure he would have loved completely these two miracles...
So, Thanks a million time for sharing this with all of us....

Gaetan  Bloom




TWO:Fusion is without any question, the world’s most romantic card trick.

Richard Hatch

Beautiful TWO-Fusion video from Spanish magician Daniel Collado:


ONE:Twist performance in the close-up-club Berlin

Excerpt of the introduction of the booklet

Thoughts about the effect:

There have been, in the past, numerous published versions of the torn and restored playing card. I was always fascinated by this effect but never found a version which leaves the spectator with an everlasting impression. At the end, you are only left with a signed, folded card on the table, without any emotional content, which will be rapidly disregarded.
The probable reason is that a playing card has no particular value, either financial, ideal nor emotional.
The only version I know of, where the card is worth a lot is the torn baseball card (Tom Assunder) from Chris Kenner which was performed by David Copperfield in his TV Special in 1993. But even in this version there is no real reason to tear the card. It is a general problem: to justify destroying something just to demonstrate that you have the ability to restore it. With ONE:Twist and TWO:Fusion* you do not have this problem. It is necessary to rip the cards apart as you want to restore them together in a different form. You must justify nonetheless the action.

Also, the technical aspects of the tricks were very often afflicted with problems. Difficulties with angles, lots of unmotivated moves or the card cannot be signed or examined at the end etc. The necessary compromises were too much for me.

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Kurt S. commented 03/28/2014

Hallo Herr Hecklau,

nun ist heute der bestellte Trick " Two: Fusion " angekommen:
Danke für Ihre Geduld und nette Art am Telefon.
Die Verpackung und Verarbeitung Ihrer Kunststücke ist einfach wunderbar gut.
Je mehr ich mich mit Two Fusion beschäftige desto mehr berührt er mich im Herzen.
Ich denke, er hat etwas besonderes.
Danke, dass Sie Ihre wirklich perfekt erarbeiteten Kunststücke der Zauberwelt zur
Verfügung stellen.
Ich wünsche Ihnen alles Gute, bis zur nächsten Bestellung

Kurt Stetzkowski

Ray M. commented 03/23/2013

Thank you for two extremely good effects.

I just did Fusion today publically for the first time. WOW what a response amazing great applause and faces of sheer disbelief! They were as we say in the UK "gob smacked" which means speechless!

Thanks again next will be Twist!

Gary D. commented 03/04/2013

After much rehearsal this week, I am pleased to say I performed One:Twist this evening in my regular close up spot at a local restaurant. It went really well... Really, REALLY well and actually got gasps from the audience members. I just wanted to say, that the whole package from you is absolutely superb. The props, instructional DVD and booklet are all the best I gave ever seen, and I particularly love the fact that everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, is provided so you're good to go. Never has a new trick been so easy, and a delight to learn. Next step.... Two:Fusion

Richard H. commented 02/16/2013

TWO:Fusion is without doubt the world's most romantic card trick! What could be more romantic than the union of a King and Queen, named after spectators in the audience, and what could be more magical than when the cards "better halves" - from different decks and with the spectator's names on them - end up permanently fused together - an impossible object - and are then given away to the spectators. This is in the very small class of miracle quality "workers": real word methods with lasting emotional impact.
ONE:Twist is equally impossible and is done with a single card, torn in halves and then magically fused with the halves reversed. The "sawing a woman in halves" presentation when using a queen makes this like doing a stage illusion in your living room - and you get to leave the audience with an impossible object and an indelible memory!
These are both great tricks, with Axel's characteristic attention to detail in both the construction of the effect and the teaching of it on the instructional video and accompanying booklet. With less than two weeks notice, I was able to rehearse TWO:Fusion for a special performance and it was the hit of the evening. Thanks, Axel, for creating and releasing these two gems!

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