ColaCap - Cap in bottle (Performance rights, explanation, tools, )


A small glass bottle is opened - Zschschsch - and the bottle is emptied.

You beat the cap twice against the bottom of the bottle - nothing happens.

The third time the cap suddenly penetrates the bottom and is undamaged and unbended inside the bottle.

There is no way to free the cap.

But for you it will not be any problem so you can now repeat the phenomenal penetration. But this time without any surprise. You put the cap on the bottom of the inverted bottle. In a swip move the spectators will see the cap falling into the bottle.

Now you give the bottle with the cap inside to your spectator for examination - no, you give this impossible object away as a gift.

Watch the demo video to see the natural and well motivated moves.

Delivery within 10 daysDelivery within 10 days **

ColaCap - Cap in bottle (Performance rights, explanation, tools, )
Visual penetrations of a bottle cap into a bottle. 
A factory sealed Coca-Cola glass bottle is opened (incl. real hiss) and the bottle cap is examined by a spectator. 
The bottle contents are poured out and the bottle cap penetrates the solid glass bottle a moment later. The spectator can immediately examine everything. He will notice that the cap is undamaged in the bottle and there is no non-violent possibility of freeing the bottle cap again. 
Other routines end here. For ColaCap this is the starting point. 
After the question marks suit the spectators in the face, the request for a repetition seems reasonable. Shaken briefly and the cap is free again. After an exact announcement what you are now going to do, on the count of three the audience will see the cap penetrate visual the solid glas bottom. 
Without misdirection, without surprises, without difficulties. 
Bottle and cap have no preparation and can be given to the spectator right after the performance! 
Cola Cap performed with Corona Beer in the famous Magic Castle Hollywood

ColaCap is a classic example for genuine magic with everyday objects. Surprising, droll, continual and a real subject after your show. 
You get all gimmicks to be able to prepare the routine, a extensive written description and a 40 min. teaching DVD with all delails. 
You contribute a Coca-Cola bottle made of glass, some napkins, a glass and a bottle-opener. 
Of course you can also use any other (clear) glas bottle with a standard bottle cap.
Alexander de Cova: 
I am a fan of Axel's work. He has surprised me with his detailed creations again and again! And the new routine with the Coke bottle crowns everything. I saw it first in his show in the Oxymoron in Berlin and was filled with enthusiasm because, for a long time, I was gefoolt again of some Moves. You can build up a reputation with that! The enclosed gimmicks are thought through incredibly and everything matches. 
10 stars!"

Cola Cap quick Demo - english

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Thomas S. commented 05/18/2018

Ich bin restlos begeistert und verzaubert!

"Cola Cap" ist wohl mit Abstand eines der schönsten und besten Kunststücke, welche ich je gesehen habe, bzw. jetzt nun selbst vorführen darf!

Die Verarbeitung ist fantastisch, die Erklärungen - sei es auf DVD oder in Papierform auf einem sehr hohen und professionellen Niveau. Auch hier bedarf es etwas an Übung, sollte aber für den routinierten Künstler keine Schwieriggkeit darstellen.

Herr Hecklau hat weder Kosten noch Mühen gescheut um uns ein sensationelles Stück Magie zu ermöglichen! Vielen lieben Dank - auch für die schnelle Lieferung!

Voice of a C. commented 08/25/2010

Ich möchte mich für die Lieferung von Cola-Cap bedanken.

Damit hast du einen wirklichen "Reputation-Maker" auf den Markt gebracht ...
und die Vorführung macht auch verdammt viel Spass, weil ich als Performer, den "unmöglichen Zustand" selbst sehen kann :-)

Vielen Dank dafür!

Liebe Grüße,
Harry Riegel

Robert B. commented 10/30/2009

I am a Long Beach Mystic from USA. I was surfing "The Magic Cafe" when I found Axel's add for Cola-Cap, clicked on his site and watched his demo. I was blown away! I have never seen such original moves for this "Magic!" Wow, this is a reputation maker! I also purchased NewsFlash, and Cue. They are all great quality Magic from Germany indeed! If you watch Axel's demo you will notice The "Bright RED Cola cap and bottle. Maybe this is a product of Germany? I have not found in US. I would appreciate anyone who can direct me to "Bright RED" Coke and Cap. Even if from Germany. I would import to me.
Again Axel great "Magic" from Germany!!!

Bobby Drake
AKA Robert Bottenfield
Long Beach Mystics Rule

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