Newsflash 2.0 - Universal (Performance rights, explanation, tools, etc.)


Tear up a newspaper and restore it lightning fast and extremely visually, at chest high, fullsized and whit totally natural movement. Learn the 2.0 version from Axel Hecklau. 

- present with confidence and ease
- totally natural movement
- extremly visual quick restauration
- presentable even when surrounded by a crowd
- many possible variations

Get all valuable experience and benefit from eight year long research and developement.
Easy overview with the quick tour.
See the preparation an presentation phases in full length step by step from magicians p.o.v
Watch the demo video - you will be amazed.

Delivery within 10 daysDelivery within 10 days **

Newsflash 2.0 - Universal (Performance rights, explanation, tools, etc.)

Newsflash 2.0 - Universal

The best Torn and Restored Newspaper improved, optimized and enhanced.


Individual optimized solutions for US-formatted, tabloid and broadsheet newspapers.

- easy to perform

- fast to prepare

- Poster Version:
  Cue Cards to Poster.  Ideal for customized corporate shows.

Trailer 1

Trailer 2


- Newsflash Express.
  This version you can prepare in less than 2 minutes (glueless)
- many variations, hints and tips
Double DVD (NTSC) running time 120 minutes (each language) 
English / German
Special Guest: The Lord of the Darkness
- inclusive Gimmicks + Gimmick for Newsflash Express,
- Step by step illustrations
- 3 learning tools (Fold Finder) 
- performance rights for live and online performances (TV rights on request)

You can order additional gimmicks, if you like to prepare more than one copy at the same time.


Gene Anderson:
"Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant."



Gaetan Bloom: 

Some years ago Gene Anderson revolutionized our small world with his extremely visual restoration of a torn newspaper. Since then, a good number of magicians have tried to improve his system, using new technologies with more or less success. In this area, Axel’s version surpasses everything I have seen to date. Not only is the effect absolutely clean from beginning to end, without any suspicious moves, but the final phase is pure magic and to crown everything the DVD is also a little jewel, with all essential details and full of humor.  Of course, there is work to be done but true miracles have their price and in this case everything is justified.

It must be gulped urgently!!!

One has to be crazy to overlook it.

In short I was torn apart and I am not yet completely restored!

Read a complete review by John Lovick here

A short FAQ:

Can I use any Newspaper?
Yes - With Newsflash 2.0 I have developed optimized solutions for US-formatted newspapers with a vertial fibre direction, smal tabloid newspapers with a horizontal fibre direction and the big broadheet papers with a vertical fibre direction. The only format I do not recomment is the tiny smal ad papers in square formats.

How long can I use a gimmick?
A gimmick works a thousands of times.
You can order additional gimmicks, if you like to prepare more than one copy at the same time.

The new 2.0 gimmick has a new format. It is easier to prepare and a potential mistake during the performance can not happen anymore. To manage the glueless Newsflash Express Version, every Gimmick set contains a new laser cut counterpart.

Double DVD - is it full of fillers?

No - The explanations are very detailed so you can really follow and understand quickley. There are so many variations and tipps so we had problems to bring all informations on the two discs without shrinking the quality - and I wanted to keep the entertainment level ;-)


Advantages of the Tabloid Version (Newspaper with horizontal paper grain)


Information on shipping costs / delivery time

The shipping costs are calculated according to weight of the total shipment and of course the destination country,
You will see the correct calculated shipping costs displayed in the shopping cart and the final order overview.

I ship usually 1x per week, since I'm primarily a working professional magician and not a magic dealer. So in theworst case I need 7 days before I can ship your order.  I hope you understand that.

The shipments within Germany I send by registered mail (up to 2 kg) or DHL (2 kg)

I ship internationally as an enrollment letter (up to 2x2 kg - which is the fastest). If the total weight of your shipment is between 2kg and 4kg I split the order in two parts. From 4kg this no longer makes sense and I send it as a DHL package.
Unfortunately, the running times of international packages (more than 4kg) are about 14 days.

Once your shipment is in the mail, you will receive a tracking No. and a link where you can "approximately" track your shipment. Unfortunately, the German Post is not that exact and up to date as UPS.

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up to 2500 g    9,52 €  32,13 €*  27,- €*  $ 40,50*
up to 3000 g    9,52 €  35,70 €*  30,- €*  $ 45,-*
up to 4000 g    9,52 €  47,60 €*  40,- €*  $ 60,-*
up to 10 kg    9,52 €  47,60 €  40,- €**  $ 60,-**
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Duration of the shipment 10 days 14 days
20 days** 20 days


* The order will be split into two packages.
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Romany R. commented 06/23/2014

i just had to write (even from the middle of the dvd... i'm on the marking the newspaper bit) that i'm SOOOO EXCITED about this dvd and SOOOOO impressed by how much detail and work you've put in, it's such a pleasure to watch and i've only done 15 mins! (this is the opposite of a dvd on a card spinning thing i stupidly bought last week in which an admittedly good looking -but super boring- frenchman, told me about this technique for spinning a card which involves some invisible thread spread from wall to wall (totally impossible to set up!) and i didn't even finish watching! so a big HURRAH to you, and if you excuse me, i'm very busy watching an EXCELLENT newsflash dvd so please don't disturb me again!
thank you!
x romany

Jan V. commented 12/16/2013

Es ist einfach perfekt! Ein besseres und visuelleres Zeitungszerreißen völlig ohne Gefummel und absolut überzeugend gibt es nicht.
Und ich habe mir einige Versionen angeschaut, bis ich mich für Deine Version entschieden habe. Es ist jeden Cent wert.

Beste Grüße aus Leipzig

Jan Vorwerg

Voice of a C. commented 05/27/2013

Hab heute dein Zeitungszerreißen zum x-ten mal vorgeführt.
Danke für die geniale Technik!
Jorgos Katsaros

Martin K. commented 08/10/2012

Schade, dass man nur 5 Punkte vergeben kann! Ich würde gerne das doppelte geben! newsflash 2.0 ist von Anfang bis Ende zu 100% durchdacht und funktioniert auch bei "Zauberlehrlingen" wie mich ;-) sehr einfach und vor allen Dingen IMMER!

Bereits die DVD ist der Hammer! Herr Hecklau erklärt alles bis ins kleinste. Ich hatte die ganze Zeit ein Lächeln auf den Lippen beim schauen! Sehr schön! Ich vergleiche das einfach mit den DVDs die sonst so auf dem Zaubermarkt erhältlich sind! Im Vergleich zu den meisten anderen DVD ist die zu "newsflash 2.0" sensationell profesionell gemacht! Das macht Spass bereits beim zuschauen.

Die Vorbereitung der Zeitungen und die Herstellung des Gimmicks sind leicht verständlich und wenn man das ebenso sorgfälltig macht wie Herr Hecklau das erklärt, kann bei der Restauration vor Publikum gar nix mehr schief gehen!

Ich hab´s gestern abend zum ersten Mal bei meinen liebsten Kritikern - meiner Familie - vorgeführt! Wow, meine Frau und meine Töchter haben den Mund nicht mehr zu bekommen! :-)

D A N K E Hr. Hecklau! Ich bin begeistert!

Martin "Too Saxy" Kuske

Voice of a C. commented 04/07/2012

Dear Mr- Axel Hecklau!
Thank You so much för your Newsflash 2.0 which arrive in april 3. Your service are very, very quick. I have been used Gene Andersons´s "Torn and restored newspaper" for many years. I am not a fulltime pro in magic and now I am old (68 years old) but I still love magic so I think your Newsflash 2.0 would be my new favoritetrick.The trick in your version are now the best newspapertrick I know.
I come back later.
Sincerly Yours
Sven-Arne Karlberg

Piers C. commented 10/17/2011


So easy to setup, do and repeat.
But... the key to your success is practise.
The Tabloid Version is brilliant!
I love this, and it's worth every penny.

John L. commented 08/12/2011

Review published in Magic Magazine

Axel Hecklau’s great T&R Newspaper just got better. A lot better.

Reviewed by John Lovick

The oldest recorded trick known we know of is a destruction and restoration effect. It involved decapitating a bird then reattaching the severed head. You might think that in comparison to severing a goose’s head, ripping up a newspaper would uber-lame. And I suppose, in theory, it is, but man… there is something about the Torn and Restored Newspaper that magicians (and audiences) love. I’ve been fascinated with the plot ever since I saw Doug Henning perform Gene Anderson’s Newspaper Tear on one of his TV specials back in the 1970s.
For the last 40 years or so, Anderson’s Newspaper Tear has been the king, but German magician Axel Hecklau’s Newsflash 2.0 Universal, may eventually dethrone it. His original Newsflash was terrific, but had a couple drawbacks. It was complicated, and the preparation was difficult and time consuming. Well, Hecklau, who understands that there is always room for improvement, never stopped experimenting and has greatly simplified the preparation and set-up, while retaining the exact look of the original Newslfash.
For those unfamiliar with either version of Newsflash, here is what is impressive about it. The flash restoration is as visual and magical as Anderson’s, and actually surpasses it in a several details. First, there is no folding of wire clips around the bundle of torn pieces. Second, there is no need to swing your index fingers around to the back of the packet in an unnatural grip to clip the corners of the restoration packet. Third, the restoration happens at chest height — you don’t need to drop your hands down below your waist. Finally, with a little extra preparation, you can do it completely surrounded — even people behind you will not see the packet of torn pieces.
Not only is Hecklau’s new handling better than his original, the instructional DVD and accompanying materials have also improved. Hecklau now acknowledges that American newspapers, European newspapers, and tabloids all require different preparation and folding. He teaches the details for all three formats. There are presentational variations explained, including an intriguing “mismade” or “Blendo” version with two dissimilar newspapers, a restoration effect with a poster, and several nice variations with tabloid-sized papers.
There is twice as much instruction in 2.0 Universal (necessitating a second disc), and the package also includes printed illustrations of the folding patterns, material you need to construct the necessary gimmick, and a handy bonus in the form of large “fold finders” which allow you to see where to place the folds for literally dozens of different newspaper sizes — virtually any newspaper in the world.
I had a minor quibble about Hecklau’s original version. I noted that the newspaper is only torn three times, and you cannot tear the pieces as small as you might like. However, after seeing Hecklau perform it live recently, this no longer seems like a problem. In fact, you could argue that it is an advantage, in that it makes the routine faster and shorter. Furthermore, with a few adjustments, you actually can tear the paper more than three times if you desire. Hecklau does not talk about this (except for the tabloid version), but if you experiment, you’ll see that it can be done.

As in the original version, the production values are all top notch, and you have a choice of listening to the explanations in German or English —Hecklau’s English explanations are clear and thorough. I can’t vouch for his German instruction, so don’t ask.
This is an extremely well-produced package. It is more expensive than some tricks on the market, but you really are getting a lot of value for your dollar. This is a great example of what a magic product should be made of: an innovative method, deep thinking, clear explanations, gimmicks included, interesting variations, and attractive packaging. Highly recommended.

Voice of a C. commented 07/11/2011

The reactions I get from this effect are amazing. I have been performing magic my entire life waiting for just one effect the would leave an audience speechless. All other methods of this effect could never compare..I have used them all. This is truly the best T&R Newspaper ever invented.

Thank you Mr. Hecklau.

Andreas S. commented 06/25/2011

Gratuliere! Die Methode ist genial, das Konzept sehr durchdacht. Respekt vor dem ungeheuren Enthusiasmus, den Du in die Entwicklung von Newsflash 2.0 gesteckt hast! Die DVD ist bemerkenswert professionell und mit Liebe zum Detail produziert. Wie Du weißt, ist das leider nicht die Regel auf dem hiesigen Zaubermarkt. Vor allem wenn man sich die Flut der effekthascherischen Trailer ansieht, die z.Zt. den Markt überschwemmen. Da wird so viel versprochen und im DVD-Player kommt nicht mehr als heiße Luft raus.
Es macht sehr viel Spaß, sich mit Deiner Methode zu beschäftigen. Der Augenblick, wenn die Zeitung beim ersten Versuch wiederhergestellt wird, ist wie das erste Mal schwimmen ohne Schwimmflügel. Großartig!

Viele Grüße!
Andreas Sucker

Voice of a C. commented 06/08/2011

I recently saw Newsflash 2.0. Congratulations! You took an incredible trick and made it even more incredible. You have made the setup easier and more exact. Putting the xxx xxx is so much smoother with your new method. There are a few other tweaks that I am excited about. I am definitely going to make up the tabloid version. It is a perfect closeup trick for a table.

Matthew Furman, New York

Jerry F. commented 06/07/2011

Flash 2.0 arrived and yesterday I went step by step. Then I tried it for the first time and did it in the mirror. Not many times that I blow myself away. It worked perfectly the first time. I love it and just wanted to say thanks for putting out a fantastic 21st century newspaper restoration. Thanks Jerry Foster
Simi Valley, California

Markus P. commented 05/30/2011

Gestern erreichte mich das langersehnte Paket mit Newsflash 2.0 und ich habe gestern nacht bis 3.00 Uhr die DVDs angesehen, gebastelt und probiert. Ich bin total begeistert!!! Bei den vielen Varianten weiß ich im Moment gar nicht, welche ich zuerst ausprobieren soll. Obwohl das Jahr noch nicht mal zur Hälfte rum ist, denke ich, dass Newsflash 2.0 sicherlich mein bester Kauf 2011 war. Ach, was sage ich, sicher der letzten Jahre!!! Vielen Dank für ein großartiges Kunststück!!!

Adrian S. commented 05/11/2011

I just received and watched Newsflash 2.0
First comments:
Packaging and presentation is first class - everything is professionally printed, designed and packaged, this is quality stuff!

The DVD is unbelievable..the amount of work Axel must have gone to in experimenting with all the different newspaper sizes, grain variations, alternative handling etc is wonderful. This is a VERY in depth DVD, as there is a lot of construction to be done. None of it is difficult, you just have to do it.

The Express Newsflash is a nice alternative especially if you find yourself without ANY materials (i.e. this requires no glue, sticky tape, scissors etc, as long as you have the pre-prepared gimmicks ready - which is a one time set up) you can carry this in your pocket and be ready to go anywhere in the world with a tabloid sized newspaper.

The poster version was of particular interest to me as there are so many possibilities to customise this for corporate work, trade shows etc.

The fold finders are also great in making the folds quickly without having to measure everything out with a ruler.

The attention to detail is amazing and you can really tell Axel has used this in the real world and has ironed out all the creases (bad pun intended) with regards to what issues you may come up against and how to solve them.

As a big fan of Newsflash 1.0, this has taken it to the next level.
Highly recommended, this is the real deal as far as torn and restored newspapers go and still believe the restoration is the most natural and most magical of the ones I have seen.

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