Spoonaround (Performance rigts, explanation, tools, etc.)


Change a spoon into a fork!  - Your audience will have a lot of fun with this!!!

You get a high quality gimmick, that you will use forever.

Perfect for Parlour, MCs, close-up and small stages.

You get 3 different routines. VERY easy to do!

Delivery within 10 daysDelivery within 10 days **

Spoonaround (Performance rigts, explanation, tools, etc.)

Three different routines - great reactions!

1. Through and Through

A spoon is placed into the envelope so that the handle is still visible.  Now a knife is pushed through the spoon bowl.  Apparently, it will penetrate the spoon without any problem.  The trick is revealed by showing the transformation of the spoon into a fork.  The allure of this version is that the explanation of the first effect creates the second effect. 

2.  Pure Transformation

A spoon is placed into a little envelope so that the handle extends out.  The outline of the spoon is drawn on the envelope but when you reveal it to the audience they will see the drawing is a fork.  Shortly following, when you remove the utensil you‘ll see that it has change into an actual fork, too.  This version is very directly concentrated on the magic effect and offers two nice surprises. 

3. Mouth Transformation

A spoon will be put into the mouth and turned around with the help of the tongue.  At the end of this mouth stunt, the audience will realize that the spoon has changed into a fork. This version contains a lot of comedy potential and audience communication.  The end is very surprising and funny at the same time.

Spoonaround comes with a very well made Spoon / Fork Gimmick a knife and a professionell illustrated discription booklet and a DVD in English and German language.
 This demovideo shows the knife through spoon routine performed live at the Scheinbar Variete´in Berlin 

 This demovideo shows the mouth-transformation routine 


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magorebo commented 04/14/2019

The quality of the gimmick is amazing, and the teaching is amazing too. You have three routines to choose all are great.

Thomas S. commented 05/18/2018

Einfach zauberhaft!

"Ausgelöffelt" ist eines meiner absoluten Lieblings-Routinen geworden. Die Verarbeitung ist fantastisch, die Erklärungen - sei es auf DVD oder in Papierform auf einem sehr hohen und professionellen Niveau. Auch ist das Kunststück nicht sehr schwierig zu erlernen.

Herr Hecklau hat weder Kosten noch Mühen gescheut um uns ein sensationelles Stück Magie zu ermöglichen! Vielen lieben Dank - auch für die schnelle Lieferung!

Dwain S. commented 07/03/2016

I just received my order, Spoonaround, and it is F**%^ing brilliant. The quality of the prop/gimmick surpasses all expectations and I just wanted to let you know how satisfied I am with not only the illusion, but also the work and craftsmanship that went into making the spoon.

Thank you for sharing this effect. I actually saw Bill Cook in the USA perform it on Masters of Illusion and tracked it down immediately with a Google search. I can’t wait to incorporate it in my walk-around gigs. I also look forward to ordering some more of your effects in the near future.

Best to you and keep up the great work!

Stephen C. commented 09/16/2012

This is a splendid illusion that provides the audience with comedy and a surprise of mystification, leaving every viewer with the question all magicians love to produce, "How did he do that!!?"
I enjoy performing Spoonaround because it DOES require practice to perfect the effect. I like effects that require practice to refine a skill. The illusion's key is effected soon after starting, making the rest of the illusion rather stress-free and enjoyable for the magician.
If you have never ordered from Herr Hecklau, you are in for a treat. This man's attention to excellence is unexpected in today's world.

Kai H. commented 03/08/2012

First, when I saw this, I tought......uppps it`s a lot of money.
Then I bought it, because I like the new methods. There are 3 methods on the DVD.
After watching the DVD and playing around with it I have to say:
Everything is so clean, every step is so thoughtful. This is not just another spoon to fork gimmick. This is qualitiy made in germany!

Thank you Axel!

Michael C. commented 01/21/2010

This is excellent.It's in all of my parlor shows.The trick is quite unusual for the spectators,as they see the magician turn a spoon in his mouth as he warms up.Probably not the greatest physical feat they will see,but quite funny as the magician talks with the spoon in his mouth.Then comes the cruncher.The spoon changes into another object.It takes a second or two for the audience to realise what has happened.Then they dish out the well deserved applause.
Very easy to do,but astonishing for the audience.The gimmick is very well made.Love this one.

Dan K. commented 01/21/2010

You can't go wrong here. This performs exactly as the video. Quality is outstanding, fun & easy to perform, and shipping was extremely prompt.

Neal A. commented 12/06/2009

The online demos show exactly what this effect is and how it looks when performed. Axel shows a studio performance and a live show performance available to view.

The prop is based on something that has been around for years. Axel says he found the old prop wasn't usable for the effect it was originally sold for and redesigned it and came up with a completely different effect for it.

I never cared for the old effect of the spoon and fork changing places while in the pocket but I was very impressed with Axel's take on this.

A spoon is placed into the mouth and turned around using your hand. This is then repeated without using your hands and when the spoon is removed from your mouth it is seen to have changed into a fork.

The gimmick is well made, the routine well thought out, the handling pretty straight forward and easy to do, and the instructions on the dvd are clear, comprehensive, well presented and easy to follow.

I have read elsewhere that some people think this item is overpriced. I am sure that this is because they are comparing it to the other (cheaper) version of the same basic prop. However the other versions I have seen of this prop are just that.... cheaper and having the flaws that Axel points out. They are consequently not as workable.

It's always a hard thing to put a value on something. I already have a place allotted for this effect in my show and I am more than happy to part with my money for Axel's idea using this prop. The fact that my money also gets me an excellent and well manufactured prop with which to perform the effect is, for me, a bonus.



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